The Y-Method:
How to Play Better Golf

ISBN 978-3-944526-33-1

English, 2014,
124 pages

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The Y-Method: How to Play Better Golf

A methodological way to learn golf


EUR 17,50


Chapter overview:


The Equipment
The Golf Club
Types of Golf Clubs
The Sole of the Golf Club and its Bounce
The Gear Effect
Bulge and Roll

Demonstration: Sweet Spot

Palm ? Leading Edge

Basic Rules
The Intermediate Target
Starting Position: The Y
Clubface Alignment


Body Angles and Body Weight

The Ball

The Correct Ball Position

10 Characteristics for Building a Repeatable Golf Swing

Around the Green
Accurate Putting

- The Putter

- The Putting Technique

- The Putting Grip

- The Standard Putting Grip

- The Pendulum Swing

- Putting – Starting position

Putting Exercises

- Dürer "Praying Hands"

- Coat Hanger

- Right-Left Shoulder Movement

- Circle Putting

- Putting against a Ball

- Putting against a Tee

The Golf Clock

- Golf Clock Putt

The Grip

- Correct Way to Grip the Golf Club

- Placements of the Fingers

- The Left Arm

- The Y-Shape

Types of Golf Grips

- 10-finger Grip

- Overlapping Grip

- Cross-handed Grip

The Body Rotation

- Body Rotation: Chip, Chip-Pitch and Pitch-Pitch

- The Correct Rotation

- In Brief: Door open - Door closed

- Repeatable Golf Swings

The Chip

- The Chip Swing

- The Chip Chip

- Starting Position – the Y-Shape

- T-Line

- Rituals and Routines

- The Correct Arm Position

- Check the Y-shape

- Alignment of the Golf Club

- The Chip Chip in Detail

Special Golf Swings

- The Chip Lob

- Characteristics of the Chip Lob

The Chip Pitch

- The Chip Pitch Lever

- Chip and Pitch Technique

- Body Angles and Body Weight

The Pitch

- Angle of Attack = Angle of Reflection

- The Rotation

- Ergonomic Rotation

- The Pitch Pitch

- Body Angles and Body Weight

The Bunker Swing

- Ball Position in the Bunker Sand

- Body's Centre of Gravity: on Left Foot

- Golf Swings out of the Grass


The Fairway

Tee Off and Long Fairway Swings

The Tee Off

Golf Clock for Long Swings

Golf Course and Practice Ground

- The Golf Course

At a Glance

- 10 Characteristic Elements for a Repeatable Golf Swing