The Y-Method:
How to Play Better Golf

ISBN 978-3-944526-33-1

English, 2014,
124 pages

13,5 x 21,5 cm, colored

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The Y-Method: How to Play Better Golf

A methodological way to learn golf


EUR 17,50




“Another book giving good advice on the subject of golf. Hasn‘t everything been said already?”, you may ask yourself when looking at this pocket booklet. Well, there are plenty of golf books, some better than others. So why this guide?


I want you to have fun while playing golf. I want you to enjoy the game of golf. You won’t get monotone training instructions to improve your technical skills or the magic formula for the perfect swing. What I would like to share with you is my experience and my passion as a golfer and especially as a golf pro.


There are no set procedures in golf that you can practice and muster up when needed. Every game of golf is different. It starts with the golf course itself. All courses have 18 holes, but they are all different. A player will meet different partners and opponents during a golf game and golf clubs and balls all vary.


You repeatedly have to practice under changing conditions. Moreover, the reasons for playing golf are manifold. For some it is a recreational activity in the beautiful countryside, for others it’s a merciless competition.


My intention is to provide a book that helps teach the basic technical skills and to master them. I can draw from my rich experience as a golf instructor to help you to improve your golfing technique and to be more successful on the golf course.


Every teacher has developed his own training methodology.

I want to guide you from small to large, from the known to the unknown, from the short putt to the full swing and I guarantee that you will have fun practicing all the technical procedures and repetitive exercises. The desire to hit that little golf ball perfectly shouldn’t force you into a dogged training routine.


Henning Strüver