New Ways in Tennis (Print-On-Demand)

Von Christian Scherer und Sandro Costa

Sprache: Englisch
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Drills, Complex- and Cardio-Training

New Ways in Tennis presents a wide collection of training forms, which can immediately be ­integrated into daily training of various target groups. All exercises are visualised by 3D Court Graphics to allow for a quick understanding and implementation. The four main chapters of the book focus on the following key topics: target groups, forms of training, complex training and cardio tennis.

New forms of training for a high number of typical situations of play in tennis are illustrated and described for lessons and competition.

The complexity of tennis demands for an optimal connection of coordinative, technical, tactical, and mental aspects. This is where complex training steps in.

The combination of fun, conditioning, coordination, and racket sports allows for an efficient cardiovascular training for all respective target groups. These forms of training are illustrated.