Mental Tips & Tricks in Tennis (iBooks)

Von Nina Nittinger

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Erscheinungstermin: 01.11.2021


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for Players, Parents & Coaches

The book Mental Tips and Tricks in Tennis is a practical guide for tennis players (ages 5 to 18), parents and coaches. The book offers valuable tips, tricks and exercises to optimally cope with a wide variety of demanding situations that arise before, during and after a match.

In order to succeed, players need to be able to keep their nerves, thoughts and emotions under control, and to fi nd a solution for every problem they may encounter in diffi cult and important situations during match play. However, it is precisely during match play that many players feel insecure. Even after many hours of practice and perfect preparation, as soon as they get on the court for an important competition, they don‘t know what to do. However, through the correct and continuous guidance and application of different tips, tricks and exercises, players of all ages can build up a repertoire of mental skills to help them improve their performance during match play. In addition, parents and coaches can also learn to support and advise young players in every situation using the right words at the right time.

The stories of Ballina and her two players Mona Brave and Carlos Cool are an ideal tool to teach children coping strategies for diffi cult situations. Parents and coaches can read the stories out loud to younger players, while older players can read them themselves. The comic strips can also be printed via free downloads and thus, can always be accessible during practice.