Mental Training for Your Best Golf Game

Von Nina Nittinger und Philippe Freiburghaus

Sprache: Englisch
Inhalt: 192 Seiten, farbig, Arbeitsblätter zum Download
Format: 17 x 24 cm, Softcover
Erscheinungstermin: 19.05.2017


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This book is the optimal tool for every player that would like to improve his or her handicap. Mental powers and peak performance does not happen by chance, they are the result of goal-oriented and systematic practice. To each player, anyone from the club player with a green card and the junior national team players to the professional players, 18 holes on the golf course equal 18 challenges. This does not only refer to technical and tactical skills, but especially for the mind, golf psychology starts long before the first hole.

The mentally oriented golf training presented in this practical exercise book covers the buildup of the mental skills in order to be able to keep these balanced when put under pressure at competitions and stressful situations. Thanks to this book each player should be able to top his or her performance when it matters.

Über die Autoren

Nina Nittinger studied sports and business management after finishing her career as a professional tennis player. Alongside her studies she also completed studies in sports psychology. She is also A-trainer stamina and A-trainer tennis. As an author of many books, three My-Pocket-Coach training card sets and more than 40 professional articles on fitness and mental training she has made a name for herself and has been invited to talk at various national and international conferences. Alongside her company ninisports she works as a regional coach fitness for the Swiss golf association (ASG) since 2012. She is a passionate player with a current handicap of 5.8.

Philippe Freiburghaus is since 25 years working as a PGA golf professional in Switzerland. He studied sports mental training at the IAP (Institute for applied psychology) in Zürich 2009–2010. This enables him to specifically combine golf and mental training. Since 2014 he is an ASG Elite Coach and works with the most talented athletes in Switzerland. Philippe also gives golf lessons at the Golf Club Domat/Ems (Grison). He lives with his wife Andrea in Bonaduz and they have two children, their daughter Laura and their son Jeremy. Jeremy is coached by Philippe and is a member of the Swiss national team.


Nora Angehrn, previous professional golf player, Elite Coach ASG (Swiss Golf Association):
„Mental training is often neglected, even though golf on a certain level almost solely is played ‘in between the ears’. That is why it is particularly important that mental skills are rated as high at practice as technic, tactic and stamina. In this book Nina Nittinger explains what mental training is and how you can implement and apply this. The exercises and worksheets are genius – I will definitely put these into practice with my junior national players.“

Marcel Meier, training officer ASG (Swiss Golf Association) and discipline leader J+S Golf:
„We as golf players are always fine tuning our swing. But what does a stabile technic help when the mind is not ready? This book presents us with numerous exercises with worksheets and many tips that anyone can start apply and implement straight away in order to become mentally strong players.“

Paolo Quirici, previous golf professional, sports director ASG (Swiss Golf Association):
„To play golf is a long road on which you invest a lot of energy in order to find answers and solutions for the most diverse tasks. This book can assist any player with valuable and still simple tools in order to develop his or her game as successfully and mentally strong as possible.“