My-Pocket-Coach Fitness (iBooks)

Von Nina Nittinger und Carl Petersen

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Fit to perform

My-Pocket-Coach Fitness is a dynamic fitness training series that includes multi-core exercises for both upper and lower body. It is a useful training tool for athletes and individuals of all ages and varied fitness levels from developing athletes to adults. If you are looking for innovative, evidence based exercises to enhance your training routine this is the perfect fitness coach for you. It targets functional exercises that work the bodies muscle slings in closed and partially closed kinetic chain movements.

This series initially focuses on „Basework & Bridging“ exercises in lying, supine, prone, quadruped and sea­ted bridge positions to form the foundation of your core stability training. The exercises then progress to „Balls & Bands“ offering the user a practical, hands-on approach using elas­tic resis­tance, ­medi­cine balls, physio balls and balance equipment to provide enhanced functional core stability training. The final exercises focus on upper core and shoulder stability to help enhance rotator cuff stability.

My-Pocket-Coach Fitness offers more than 180 exercises with or without tools (balls, bands & balance equipment). A fitness, gymnastics and training coach for people and athletes of all ages to improve their health and core-fitness.

Über die Autoren

After many years as a professional tennis player, Nina Nittinger studied and graduated in sports management and then sports psychology. She is certified as a Level-A Conditioning Trainer (Swiss Tennis) and a Level-A Tennis Trainer (German Tennis Federation) and currently coaches competition-oriented young people and professionals both on court and also on their conditioning and psychological strengths. Nina Nittinger has already published four books, four DVDs and more than 35 articles in international tennis magazines.

Carl Petersen is a partner and international travel consultant at City Sports & Physiotherapy clinic in Vancouver, Canada. He has treated and trained athletes and weekend warriors worldwide from a variety of sports keeping them Fit to Play™ & Perform for over 30 years. Carl is an internationally recognized and sought after speaker. He is regularly found educating physicians, physiotherapists, coaches, and athletes around the world on the principles of keeping Fit to Play™. He has written over 300 professional articles and has written and co-authored a number of books, DVD’s and other training resources. In 2007, he was the recipient of the Physiotherapy Association of BC “Award of Excellence for Clinical Contribution”.