Parents & Kids Tennis (iBooks)

Von Nina Nittinger

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Parents and Kids Tennis outlines a newly developed program for coaches, clubs and parents that aims to give young children between the age of 3 and 6-years old a positive introduction to tennis together with their parents. This program offers young children the possibility to move with pleasure in a comfortable and safe environment. The tennis court becomes a shared space where young children can move with ease and confidence. Mother and father are the bridge between the known space of the family home, and the new space of a sports facility like the tennis court; and as the contact person for the young child, the parent mediates these two spaces in the most suitable way for a young child to acquaint himself with the new environment. With a step-by-step approach, the parent and young child walk the path together until the young child is ready to participate alone in a group or club training. Young children love to exercise and discover new possibilities. Through a versatile and polysport movement experience, they can experience the immediate world and environment playfully and test and ­develop their motor skills.

The book describes 15 tried and tested sessions and includes over 100 exercises. It offers a playful and imaginative introduction to tennis from the very first steps into the game. For ­parents, the opportunity to strengthen the natural bond with their child is the central focus of every exercise. Equally, the book presents an opportunity for coaches and club administrators to expand their current activities or add attractive benefits to their memberships.



Quotes about the book  

“With her latest book MuKi-Tennis, Nina Nittinger is expanding the educational and pedagogical possibilities of children‘s training. It promotes shared play between mother/father and child. By involving the parents, the children gain an introduction to the family sport of tennis in a familiar environment”.
Freddy Siegenthaler, high performance trainer/ Swiss Olympic, Kids-Tennis specialist/ Swiss Tennis

“Tennis is a highly complex sport and the foundations for this must be laid at kindergarten-age because learning needs exercise – romping makes you smart! It is worthwhile for every motivated coach to look over his basket to impart tennis in a varied, and above all, motivating way for children”.
Reimar Bezzenberger, sports scientist, publisher, publisher of “Junior Tennis Training”

“This way, even the smallest children can get enthusiastic about tennis – and the parents too! Nina Nittinger‘s book provides detailed concepts and creative lesson plans that enable theo­retically sound tennis coaches and tennis clubs to offer attractive courses for 3 to 6-years old.Your book is a valuable tool for successfully addressing this attractive target group and it will pay off!”.
Eva Belbl, former professional player, A-trainer/Swiss Tennis, qualified sports scientist, DTB club trainer of the year 2018.