The Matrix of Tennis (iBooks)

Von Dimitrios Katsanos

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A Holistic Approach to Tennis

The Matrix of Tennis is an ebook which goes beyond the subjects of technique, tactics, mental and fitness training, treated in tennis literature until now. It is not a tennis book in the classical sense, which explains the grips or different techniques. In fact, the ebook is based on the many years of own, practical experience of the author and thus, it sheds light on all the peripheral areas, which are important for an optimal development as a person and as a tennis player.

Nowadays, it is not enough to strengthen a player’s technical, tactical, mental and physical abilities. The player of today has to be considered holistically and thereby be freed from fears and blockages, so that he can develop a strong personality. Moreover, his body, which is his asset, has to be prepared for all the strains in an individual, tennis-specific way.

The author, himself a former professional tennis player and today a tennis trainer, has developed a new point of view regarding the development of a tennis player to perform at his best, which is unprecedented in its form!

Über den Autor

In 1985, a 17-year old German tennis player won Wimbledon. On the following day, Dimitrios Katsanos bought his first tennis racket and hit his first balls on a sports ground. Since then, 28 years have passed. Tennis became the passion of the young German-Greek.

Dimitrios Katsanos played on the Satellite and Futures Tours from 1996 to 1999. Since 2000, he started getting his trainer’s licences and today, he works at TC Berlin-Weißensee e.V. as a state-certified tennis trainer, DTB grade-B Trainer, PTR Professional and GPTCA B-Level ATP Certified. He trains recreational players and also coaches among others, a young tennis talent named Reda Jirari.